Luc PIRLET - Le savoir-faire français

The French savoir-faire on your table in all circumstances!

Luc Pirlet wines come from a rigorous selection of 350 hectares of vines in an area stretching from Carcassonne to the Pyrenees foothills.

Each parcel is tracked carefully and an optimal quality is guaranteed by digital traceability from vine to bottle.

Luc Pirlet wines are the results of the subtle blending of different plots : round, rich for the warmer soils and fresh, aromatic for the higher altitude vines.

Vinified separately according to the terroirs, the wines are then assembled to guarantee a higher quality and a constant aromatic profile from year to year.

Aging in French oak barrels reveals at best the wine structure and palate length.


Luc Pirlet - CLASSIQUE

The «Classiques» wine range is the perfect expression of a sunny terroir in the south of France combined with the Pyrenees cooler climate offering fruity and aromatic wines...
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Luc Pirlet - RÉSERVE

The «Réserves» wine range is the expression of each grape variety aged in French oak barrel. The grapes come from our oldest vines. ..
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Luc Pirlet - TERROIRS

The «Terroirs» wine range is drawn from oldest grape varieties from the south of France. These grape varieties are cultivated at high altitude terroirs...
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