Luc Pirlet wines are produced from grapes grown in vineyards lying between Narbonne and Limoux on the road to the Pyrénées mountains. Different plots of the same grape variety offer different soils and microclimates enabling us to weave a rich tapestry of nuances, aromas and flowers into the wines. Certain vineyards are typically Mediterranean and yield wines of depth and generosity; others lying at higher elevations and, exposed to the Atlantic winds, give intensity, elegance and finesse.

Restaint in yield is also crucial if the full character is to be expressed in a wine.

The same commitment to quality continues throughout the vinification phase: the wine varieties undergo a long and cool fermentation. The temperature of the red wines is controlled and small tanks are used. The outstanding quality and personality of each wine allied to a classical, imposing presentation make the range an ideal candidate for the finest merchants and importers.

Luc Pirlet, the best of your everyday wine. In 15 countries Luc Pirlet’s name is associated with the house-pour in 5 star restaurants, the house-wine served in top brasseries, banquet wine in the finest hotels, the everyday wine enjoyed by company directors.